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About Marilyn L. Hart

Since I was little, I loved writing. A few years ago, when unpacking some boxes, I found several short stories I had written in grade school. Boy did those bring back memories and make me smile.


I had put my dreams of being a writer aside to work full time in customer service to support my two children. Once my children grew up a friend had introduced me to network marketing, selling health care product. I had quit my full time job to pursue network marketing. Instead of selling the health care product as I should have been doing, I found myself following my passion of writing.


The first book I had started was 'Sarah’s Gift'. I was originally going to kill off Uncle Johnny, but I loved his character so much I ended up writing Johnny’s book first. My biggest support throughout my life was my Dad. Yes, I was a Daddy’s girl. He was the first person to read 'Johnny’s Gift'. It meant the world to me when he told me he loved it.


I had pitched my books to several agents and editors, but at the time no one was interested in them. So, I set my writing aside and went back to working in customer service. In 2018, I was driving along and heard an advertisement on the radio about self-publishing. 'The Chance To Do It Again' was my first book to be self-published. My heart filled with joy when I saw my name on the book cover. It was a dream comes true.


I am now living my dream of being a full time writer, vlogger and blogger, in Summerfield, Florida with my two Pomeranian’s, Sussie and Bella. Besides writing, I love to travel. I have a bucket list of places I still want to see and explore.


My hope is to be able to inspire others to follow their dreams.


Please do not hesitate to send me a note. I love hearing from my readers.


May your days be filled with peace, love and joy!


Her books are available on iUniverse, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in paperback and ebook formats

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Member Of The Florida Writers Association (FWA)

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