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About Marilyn L. Hart

Since I was little, I loved writing. A few years ago, when unpacking some boxes, I found several short stories I had written in grade school. It reminded me how much I loved writing, even at an early age.


I had put my dreams of being a writer aside to work full time in customer service to support my two children. Once my children grew up a friend had introduced me to network marketing, selling health care product. I had quit my full time job to pursue network marketing. Instead of selling the health care product as I should have been doing, I found myself following my passion of writing.


The first book I had started was 'Sarah’s Gift'. I was originally going to kill off Uncle Johnny, but I loved his character so much I ended up writing Johnny’s book first. My biggest support throughout my life was my Dad. Yes, I was a Daddy’s girl. He was the first person to read 'Johnny’s Gift'. It meant the world to me when he told me he loved it.


Over the years, I had pitched my books to several agents and editors, but no one was interested in them. So, I set my writing aside and went back to working in customer service. In 2018, I was driving to work and heard an advertisement on the radio about self-publishing. It was if a little voice whispered in my ear and I could not get it out of my mind. So I looked into self-publishing and realized this was the best course of action for me to follow. 'The Chance To Do It Again' was my first book to be self-published. My heart filled with joy when I saw my name on the book cover. It was a dream come true.


After that I had "Johnny's Gift" and "Sarah's Gift" published. Now my latest book, "I Saw The Signs, I Just Ignored Them" is available.


I hope you enjoy my books, as much as I enjoy writing them. They are available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse.


Please do not hesitate to send me a note. I love hearing from my readers.


May your days be filled with peace, love and joy!



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