Sarah’s Gift By Marilyn L Hart


Sarah had inherited the “Luck of the Irish” gift like her Uncle Johnny. His gift of protection had served him well during his military career and for his security business. She was able to feel and sense other’s emotions. Which traumatized her at four years old when she sensed her parent’s death. As a form of therapy, her Uncle had given her a coloring book. That was the beginning of her love of colors and clothing designs. She began her own business selling her dresses to family and friends. It was the perfect world for her because she could do what she loved and not be around a lot of people. But as time passed, she got tired of the safe route. It was time she stopped living her life in fear.


An assignment came up for her Uncle’s company at Brandon’s Design House in Miami, Florida. Brandon needed someone who could go undercover and find out who was stealing his designs. With her ability to sense other people’s emotions, this assignment should have been a simple in and out job. Then Nicco Kombi walks in the door. Never had she sensed such strong emotions coming from a person. She knew without a doubt this was one man she should stay away from. Yet with all the warning signs, she was getting, she could not stop her heart from going pitter patter every time she looked at him.


Sarah took a hold of Brandon’s hand liking him immediately. There was no mistaking his sexual preferences by his flamboyant clothing and feminine gestures. And she knew even though he said it jokingly, he did mean it when he said he preferred Jeffrey.

Jeffrey shook his head looking at Sarah. “I warned you he would be like this.”
“Oh stop, you like me, and you know it.” Brandon said smiling at Jeffrey.
Cocking his head to the side Brandon critically looked at Sarah. “I like your style of clothing. Is this one of your designs?”
Sarah’s cheeks turned pink when she admitted, “Yes.”
Jeffrey could not keep the smile off his face. “Did I forget to mention Sarah designs and makes all her own clothing?”
“Get out of here,” Brandon said excitedly. “Please honey stand up so I can see the whole package.”
Sarah turned a brighter shade of red as other customers in the restaurant turned to look at them, hearing Brandon’s excitement. “Here, now?” she asked.
“Oh,” Brandon said waving his hand, “Don’t worry about them honey, we have models from all over the world come and visit the beach. People are used to it around here.”
Sarah tried to get out of the booth, but Jeffrey wasn’t moving. She touched him on his shoulder and felt how tense he had become. Looking around she saw two men walk in and sit at a booth on the other side of the room. “Do you know them?” she asked.
Jeffrey nodded his head. “One of them is an old Army buddy. Will you excuse me?” he said as he got out of the booth and walked towards the two gentlemen. The one man moved over so Jeffrey could sit down.
Brandon turned around in his seat to watch Jeffrey walk away. Giving a little shiver he turned back towards Sarah and said, “I am so glad that boy likes me, because I sure wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.”