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Sarah had inherited the “Luck of the Irish” gift like her Uncle Johnny. His gift of protection had served him well during his military career and for his security business. She was able to feel and sense other’s emotions. Which traumatized her at four years old when she sensed her parent’s death. As a form of therapy her Uncle had given her a coloring book. That was the beginning of her love of colors and clothing designs. She began her own business selling her dresses to family and friends. It was the perfect world for her because she could do what she loved and not be around a lot of people. But as time passed, she got tired of the safe route. It was time she stopped living her life in fear.


An assignment came up for her Uncle’s company at Brandon’s Design House in Miami, Florida. Brandon needed someone who could go undercover and find out who was stealing his designs. With her ability of sensing other people’s emotions, this assignment should have been a simple in and out job. Then Nicco Kombi walks in the door. Never had she sensed such strong emotions coming from a person. She knew without a doubt this was one man she should stay away from. Yet with all the warning signs she was getting, she could not stop her heart from going pitter patter every time she looked at him.


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Colonel Johnny Mackenzie is a handsome soldier able to sense what others are feeling. Visiting fellow soldiers in the hospital is an obligation he never ignores, even though it takes a toll on him personally. Able to feel the pain, despair, and fear of the people inside, Johnny copes by visualizing a wall of protection around him. But one day when he decides to visit Sargeant Sanchez in the hospital, everything changes.

Nurse Marta Simmons has heard stories about Johnny and wonders if he has special powers. When she shakes hands with him at Sanchez’s bedside, Marta feels a jolt of energy travel up her arm. She is not the only one who feels it. Johnny has never felt such energy after touching a woman. As much as he wants to pursue Marta, his code of honor will not allow him. But when he is assigned to a mission in Vietnam, Johnny’s perspective changes after his team is ambushed and he is seriously injured. As he lies on the jungle floor and fears his life is slipping away, he pledges to find a way to get to know Marta better. But first, he must survive.

Johnny’s Gift tells the story of a Military Officer’s journey as he attempts to fulfill a special purpose and falls in love in the process.

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Lyla is just seventeen when one moment changes her life forever. Now she is spending her senior year pregnant and her boyfriend, Patrick, is working at his grandfather’s fruit market to support his new family instead of going off to college. During a difficult day, an Irish exchange student, Rowena, comes to Lyla’s rescue and tells her fascinating stories of her family’s haunted castle back home whose ghost knows how to please a woman. While Patrick rolls his eyes, Lyla is enthralled.

For the next twenty years, Patrick promises Lyla he will take her to Ireland to visit Rowena and see the castle. But when he becomes ill and passes away, Lyla is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and contemplate what is next. After she decides to visit Ireland, Lyla touches the castle walls. As her world begins to shift, Lyla is left wondering whether grief is making her lose her mind or if is it really possible that the castle’s ghost looks just like her husband.

In this romantic tale, a woman journeying through loss visits a castle in Ireland and becomes romantically entangled with a three-hundred-year-old ghost who shockingly resembles her deceased husband.

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Mary, Cindy, Ariel and Gloria were inseparable growing up. They promised each other at their high school graduation, they would always stay in touch. But life happened as they moved to different states, got married and raised their families.  Thirty years later they meet again at their high school reunion.


That day they decided in two years’ time, when they all turned fifty, they were going to go on two weeks, “All Girls” vacation cruise in Europe. Not only would this cruise be their birthday celebrations, it would also be Cindy’s bachelorette party. Being the guest of honor; she convinced her friends it would be fun to play their childhood game and called it the “Bachelorettes Sleuths”.


As soon as they got on board the cruise ship, Mary saw the signs something was not right, but she could not convince her friends. They kept telling her it was her overactive writer’s imagination. But she knew differently. This time she was not going to ignore the signs.