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Lyla is just seventeen when one moment changes her life forever. Now she is spending her senior year pregnant and her boyfriend, Patrick, is working at his grandfather’s fruit market to support his new family instead of going off to college. During a difficult day, an Irish exchange student, Rowena, comes to Lyla’s rescue and tells her fascinating stories of her family’s haunted castle back home whose ghost knows how to please a woman. While Patrick rolls his eyes, Lyla is enthralled.

For the next twenty years, Patrick promises Lyla he will take her to Ireland to visit Rowena and see the castle. But when he becomes ill and passes away, Lyla is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and contemplate what is next. After she decides to visit Ireland, Lyla touches the castle walls. As her world begins to shift, Lyla is left wondering whether grief is making her lose her mind or if is it really possible that the castle’s ghost looks just like her husband.

In this romantic tale, a woman journeying through loss visits a castle in Ireland and becomes romantically entangled with a three-hundred-year-old ghost who shockingly resembles her deceased husband.