Motivational Monday



Don't Worry Be Happy, Marilyn L Hart In September 1988, Bob McFerrin did a song called, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” You can view the video on You-Tube that he had done for this song. And if you look closely, you will recognize one of the other actors in the video, Robin Williams. One of the finest comedians there ever was. You can see as you are watching the video, they are having fun. My guess is most of it wasn’t even planned, they just started playing around.


It is a straight forward song, but the words have significant meaning. The things we worry about today, mean nothing tomorrow. So why are we worrying about them now?


Our thoughts are very powerful. And many times, when our mind is focused on worry, it is hard to release it. It is all we think and talks about, day in and day out. Not only are we depressing ourselves, but we are also depressing those around us. You say, “I cannot seem to let it go.” Well, the only person who can let it go is you. No one else can make that happen.


If you have a family member who is in harm’s way, such as in the military, police force, fireman, of course, you are going to worry. That is natural. Please remember these people must stay focused. They cannot be worried about you worrying about them. Instead of worrying, try envisioning a white light of protection surrounding them. Send them letters, texts, phone calls, do Facetime, and fill it full of love. Let their thoughts be of comfort and security, knowing they have people at home who love them and cannot wait to see them again.


If you have a sick friend or family member, again surround them with the white light of love, protection, and healing. When visiting them, try your best to not let your worry show. Or if you must cry, do your five minutes of crying and then put a smile on your face. Tell them how much you love them. Do what you can to get both yours and their minds off the actual issue at hand. Read to them, sing to them, hold their hands. Play a game of “Do you remember when.” Pretty soon you will find yourself laughing, even if it is for a moment. Sometimes that precious moment is what each of you needs.


There is a yin and a yang to everything. It is up to you to decide which one you are going to focus on. Know this is a good world and things are always working out for you. This time of worry is just a bump in the road. Soon you will be coming around the corner and see a beautiful sight, and the next thing you know, you are whistling and singing the song, “Don’t’ Worry, Be Happy!”