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Mary, Cindy, Ariel, and Gloria were inseparable growing up. They promised each other at their high school graduation, they would always stay in touch. But life happened as they moved to different states, got married and raised their families. Thirty years later they meet again at their high school reunion.


That day they decided in two years’ time when they all turned fifty, they were going to go on two weeks, “All Girls” vacation cruise in Europe. Not only would this cruise be their birthday celebrations, it would also be Cindy’s bachelorette party. Being the guest of honor; she convinced her friends it would be fun to play their childhood game and called it the “Bachelorettes Sleuths”.


As soon as they got onboard the cruise ship, Mary saw the signs something was not right, but she could not convince her friends. They kept telling her it was her overactive writer’s imagination. But she knew differently. This time she was not going to ignore the signs.