Did you know our brain is one of the least used organs in our body? There is so much about it; the medical field has yet to discover. What they have been able to determine is we only use only about 10% of its capabilities. If our heart just worked 10%, our daily life would be a struggle. 


They estimate Einstein used 15% of his brain power. I wonder how much brain power Stephen Hawking, who was considered the smartest man in America used? If we only use 10% of our brain, imagine what we could do if we are able to expand our knowledge by another 5%. Would we become as smart as Einstein or Stephen Hawking? What if we could grow it by 50%? Our potential would be unlimited.

My Dad always said you should learn something new every day. The older I get, the more I realize his advice was good advice. Just as exercise is essential to the body, stimulating the brain is also important. Every day you should do something to expand your mind, continue to learn something new.

There are so many natural ways to stimulate your mind that costs very little money, or no money at all.


Read a book. If you do not want to pay for a book, go to the library. There are thousands of books and audiobooks you can check out. Read an article on the internet about something you did not know before.

Take a walk:

Go outside and take a walk. This time, instead of rushing from point A to point B, really look around. You will notice things you have never seen before, and yet you had passed it hundreds of times.

The younger generation needs to talk to the older generation:

You can read about history in books or on the internet, but that does not always tell you the personal account. Talk to someone who actually lived it. It is incredible how much a person in their eighties have witnessed, seeing a man walk on the moon, color televisions, and computers that used to take up a whole room. They used rotary phones, and then it went to push button phones. Almost everyone now has a cell phone. They have so much knowledge they are just waiting for someone to share it with.

The older generation should talk to the younger generation:

Talk to the children. They are indeed the ones that show how much our brains can absorb. Their world is accelerating so fast, they have to learn to keep up. When we went to school, kindergarten was for fun. Now they have to know their numbers and colors before they even enter pre-school at three years old. For them, a computer tablet is a given. If you want to know the best way to use your cell phone, ask a five-year-old.

Learning something new can be so much fun. Don’t let your brain get stagnant. For those who have dealt with a loved one or friend who suffered from Alzheimer’s or dementia, you know how precious the mind is. Do not waste it. Continue to stimulate it, by learning something new every day. Be someone in their nineties who people say, “Their mind is still sharp as a tack!”