I do not have an odd talent. I seriously doubt if I had an odd talent I would post it on Facebook or do a YouTube video of it. But then again, if a Hollywood agent came up to me and said, “I will give you $5,000 if you will let me film and promote your odd talent,” then I would probably do it. Who knows, maybe having the odd talent and having it go viral on the internet is what it takes to open up the floodgates of getting my name out there to promote my books, blogs and vlogs? Having people come up to me and say, “Hey, aren’t you so and so, who can do such and such?” is the ideal publicity, no, but it is publicity. Hum, maybe I need to come up with an odd talent! ☺


Even though I do not have a unique talent, my Dad did. He had the ability of raising his ears one at a time and wiggling them back and forth. Many of us can raise both ears at once, but we cannot raise one at a time. Was this an odd talent, yes, but as a child it entertained us and later on it entertained my grandsons. To this day, my Dad is the only person I know who can do this. I do not know if this is a talent he learned, or if he was looking in the mirror one day and realized he could do it.


I got so curious to find out if this is a talent my Dad showed his friends as a youngster that I called my Aunt. She confirmed it was a talent he had shown all his friends growing up. He thought it was fun he could do something no one else could do. I asked her if she knew of anyone besides Dad that could do this trick and she said not that she was aware of.


Let’s face it, a talent is a talent, whether it is useless or not. You should be happy you are the only person that is able to do it, so express it, and have fun with it. Many people go on America’s Got Talent with their odd talents and try to win one million dollars. Why not you?